Feed back and good reviews are way more important to me than gifts..

There's no better feeling than knowing that my submissive enjoyed our time together as much as I did. 

If you would like to share your experience please post reviews on Mistress Review    Maxfisch  or email them to me for inclusion on the website.


I needed to comment on a recent session I had with Mistress Susie Sixx of Los Angeles. In a word.... WOW.

I had emailed her and indicated that I was looking for an intense rope bondage scene including predicament bondage. Her responses were prompt and exceedingly well written as one would expect from a proper English woman. Through several emails we crafted a scenario that would suit us both. We thus scheduled a date for the session. Unfortunately, I was called back to the East Coast and had to leave early. Despite having spent an awful day traveling back from Domme Trips in Costa Rica, and dead exhausted, Mistress agreed to meet with me on a Sunday evening.

Mistress has her own dungeon in Korea Town. It is immaculate. Upon arrival, I was stunned by her beauty. Cliche as it sounds "better looking than her pictures" it is true. A classic beauty in every sense. And when I wasn't in complete anguish and losing it (see below) I looked her straight in the face. Gorgeous.

She decided on a scorned wife scene. I had been fooling around while she was away and she found out. The dialogue was extremely realistic and natural. On the ground she tied me into some type of ball,  making it impossible to move without torturing myself. All alone, she softly berated me with that English accent of hers. Really, too incredible to describe...


Finally I was untied but the torture was not over. Sweating profusely from the predicament bondage, she secured me tightly to the bondage table. To my surprise, she proceeded with water boarding to get me to confess. It was awful and wonderful at the same time. Even thoughI knew I was in a safe environment I eventually confessed. It truly is a nasty torture but she made it wonderful.


I'm very experienced, having once been a regular or Ilsa Strix, Phoenix Frost, Isabella Sinclaire and others. Susie is clearly in that class! 

I woke up this morning with cane marks on my inner thighs. I hope they never go away.

MSS Dedicated Submissive OCTOBER 2015

Susie is a true professional. I contacted her in October 2014 to inquire about a couple custom videos. In the first, I wanted her to simply explain to me -- as herself -- how my particular role play fantasy would play how in her space, and in the second, I wanted her to role play a character from my fantasy, so I could watch the video while solo-playing at my own house.

She exceeded my expectations on both.

I'll start by saying that Susie was very professional and to the point during our email communications. The first thing I noticed was how well written her responses were -- I always notice things like grammar and punctuation in an email, as it demonstrates intelligence and attention to detail. Immediately I saw both through her words as she filled me in on the process of working with her. Her replies were always clear and prompt, and she was more than happy to answer some of my beginner questions (yes, this was my first time contacting a professional). I also appreciated our text-based Skype session prior to the creation of the videos as it allowed me to communicate my needs, and Susie was able to ask or suggest things I hadn't even thought of.

On to the videos.

Susie completely surprised me when she did the explanation video. I was only expecting her to record herself telling me how a session would unfold. Instead, she actually set up a few props and then walked me through her space, explaining where and how each scene of my fantasy would take place. I was so excited watching the video, and to this day I still give it a watch and pretend it's actually happening.

The second video was just as fantastic. Her ability to get into character -- especially one as particular as what I had in mind -- was amazing. Her acting talents won't disappoint you during a role playing session. I got the impression that Susie was just as into this fantasy as I was.

Overall I loved working with Mistress Susie. I don't know that she can be topped.

..And with that, I'm off to replay the videos she did for me. All this writing and reminiscing has me too excited.



I have fantasized about doing an extended kidnapping style role-play for years. It was always the sort of fantasy I felt a pro-Domme would be best suited to fulfill, but getting over my nerves and finding the right person (and being able to afford it) made it seem perhaps best left a fantasy.

I'd sessioned with Susie Sixx before, so I knew she was a great Domme and really good with rope. I wrote to her and laid out my basic fantasy - the crux of which was to do a role play 'kidnapping' where I would be kept bound and gagged for 8 hours.  I specified a few activities to go along with the bondage, and my limits, but left the majority of the scene for her to improvise. She was up for it, and because it was such a long scene and I wouldn't need to be supervised every single moment of it, she gave me a very generous discount from her normal rate.  No excuses now so game on. 

I arrived at her playspace and we talked for a few minutes before getting into it. She inquired about any medical issues I might have that would be problematic, which is part of the reason I wanted to see a pro, so I can sink into the fantasy knowing I don't have to worry about anything unsexy, like asphyxiating in a closet while trying to remember whether or not I cleared my browser history.  

I've done very little roleplay, so I wasn't sure what it would be like to do a scene like that for eight straight hours. I shouldn't have worried - she was great with it!

She was really into it right from the start and having a lot of fun with the scenario while putting her own twist on it. She's very smart, creative, and that English accent is still crazy sexy.

Still, the session was really all about being controlled through bondage, and once she tied me up, it was 8 hours of uninterrupted bondage fun.

I tried to get loose, too, struggling pretty hard. I was able to work the gag off once but she just tied another one on even tighter. She was in total control, there was nothing to do but sink into the experience. I struggled and did my best to get free but I never even came close.

I was hogtied, chair tied, lashed down to her table, and put into some creative positions for which there are no names but there's also no escape. Some of the time I was left to struggle, or simply endure, other times she teased/toyed with me. She was alternately playful and rough, mixing up the type of play to keep me off balance. A soft touch here, a rough hand next, then a blindfold and fingernails dragging along my chest followed up by some sharp spanking. I was always left to guess exactly what would happen next. 

She was careful not to cut off circulation or leave me for too long in any one position. I never felt in control, but I always felt safe.

A truly memorable experience, I can't speak highly enough about her skill and enthusiasm.  After being scared of doing eight hours, I'm already thinking about trying a 12 hour overnight session.




I was intrigued and excited to meet Mistress Susie after seeing her gallery on her web page. The contact and arrangements, including nearby parking, were painless. She met me at the door and my first thought was how beautiful she was with her porcelain skin and red lipstick. Her eye contact was so alluring and hypnotizing. I felt in her control right from the start. I'm not a fan of whips and spankings but enjoy being placed in a submissive role to serve my Mistress as she pleases. I also have a foot worshiping and spit fetish, which she gladly supplied an abundance of both. 

She had me on my knees really worshiping her essence and beauty and I was so intoxicated by her that I couldn't do enough to please her and loved how she directed my with such quiet yet stern authority. She really does an amazing job taking you to a special place of submission and is so in sync with where you want to take the session.  All I can say is Wow! Just Wow!  I can't wait to see her again.

SLAVE Lou FEB 12TH 2015


I've had a couple sessions with her, they've been exactly the same type, and I can't wait to go back again. 

I contacted her initially looking for a bondage/isolation scene where she would tie me up and then just leave me alone to struggle for an hour. I enjoy 'playing' but sometimes I just want to be bound and gagged without any other interaction. She expressed enthusiasm, telling me she is great with rope and loves bondage (absolutely true on both counts), and because it was such a simple scene with minimal interaction, she even gave me a discount. 

It was completely unprompted, I hadn't asked for it, and I think it speaks directly to her genuine nature. She's honest, not just in it for money, and she really does enjoy that sort of play. 

The first session was so great I had to come back and do it again, and the most recent time, where I was put into a snug, inescapable hogtie, was amazing. She ties fast and tight, and it was an extremely generous hour. With bondage (some of the time spent blindfolded) I lose track of time, which is part of the fun, and it wasn't until I got to my car that I realized the hour session I'd booked was more like an hour and forty-five minutes. She is focused entirely on the scene and not the clock. 

Even though she just left me alone to wriggle around, she checked in occasionally to make sure my circulation was okay, always the sign of an expert. When it was over, I was sore, exhausted from struggling and in that perfect bondage headspace. She gave me plenty of time to stretch out and come down once I was untied, not rushing me at all, talking amiably before I left. 

Her pictures, which are stunning, don't begin to do her justice, she has a sexy English accent which is no fair, and even though I just got tied up, a brief tour made it clear her dungeon space is equipped for pretty much every fetish need. Can't wait to see her again, she's an amazing domme.


  RICK October 28th 2013

Posted on Maxfisch


Hi Susie,

I like you. Thank you for spending so much time with me. I am really happy I got to spend over an hour of my life with--"Special You."

You and your little mini skirt still drive me crazy. I liked being able to call you Susie during role play. I liked the way you worked me over on the cross. I loved your choice of words, and the way you looked so intently at the bag in the beginning. I enjoyed being able to smile and laugh. In two words, my session with you was "pure bliss".  I hope to see you again some day. 

By George I think the smart water made me a little smarter!  As a result I may switch to the slaps and toys--they are less draining.



JULY 7th 3013

Mistress Susie, 

I don't even know where to begin. My session with you was transformational. That is really saying something as I have been doing this for over 30 years. I can't wait to get back from my trip and I haven't even left yet.

 Slave S June 5th 2013 

Greetings fellow bdsm enthusiasts.  This review is intended for submissive males to provide a truthful summary of Mistress Susie Sixx.  If you are like me we have all been to various dominatrix, choosing them based upon mutual fetish interests, their location and in my case their appearance was also important.  We have probably met with some dominatrix who are not what they say they are, or look like in their photos.  She is true to her posts and reviews.

So when I went looking for a new Domme experience, I took my time because this was really an investment for a longer term. Only after a sub has been to a domme a few or more times, can they really explore their inner most desires and truly relax around one another and enjoy the time together.  I've been to many over the years in and around the greater Los Angeles area.  And so wanted to find suitable match and now you can benefit from my research.

Mistress Susie Sixx receives my highest ratings.

Her interest is to dominate men.  Because she is not a lesbian or man hater, she does not simply inflict discomfort or pain, she is an authoritative female who commands your respect and servitude.  She is simply a dominant person and this extends into her session play time.  There is no acting, no attempt from her to play the role of a dominatrix.  It is in her character and personality.  I was immediately attracted to her because I am just the opposite.  Naturally submissive, accepting of the fact I am the kind of guy best led around by collar and chain.  It was a perfect match from the start.  She is herself and you can be yourself.  If you are a sub male you will feel right at home with her.

Her interests are generally everything bdsm.  Some of her specific interests, of which many dommes and subs refer to as the dommes qualities, are corporal punishment, spanking, caning, and bondage.  She is like a firecracker, seemingly very beautiful and non threatening but imparts a big crack and bang with her assorted implements.  She is an expert at providing a good spanking, electro play, and sharp pinwheel.  She knows exactly how much and when to deliver her blows.  She is quite good at bringing a sub male to submission little by little, one step at a time.  Because she is from England she has an inner quality of politeness, being proper, and most of all very classy.  She has a very soft and alluring voice.  She is a polished gem.

Since I have been in the scene for decades, I have evolved to more heavy bdsm activities, more of the perverted things other slaves dream about.  Mistress Susie Sixx was able to adapt and customize our sessions to the level I wanted and needed.  And she enjoyed every moment of the session.  She was just not doing something that a slave wanted.  She derives her pleasure from dominating men, and bringing them to surrender.  And she has many interests to match yours to achieve this end.  Again, she does not play act.  She truly enjoys what she does with many methods discussed and agreed upon so you will get what you are looking for.

Mistress Susie Sixx has model quality looks.  Yes, if you are deserving she may let you watch her as she is putting on the restraints.  She may even let you kiss her toes, but only if you are deserving.  It does not stop there.  She will taunt and tease you with her beautiful face and body and leave you satisfied.  It is a lethal weapon and she knows how to use it.  You will be left wanting to reschedule the next session right away.

Lastly, Mistress Susie Sixx is a woman of professionalism.  Her play space is well equipped and very comfortable.  You will feel safe there.  If you treat her with kindness and respect she will take care of you.  Because she is a top quality, ultra perfect domme, she is selective and discerning at whom she meets and sessions with.  You should not waste her or your time if you miss appointments, do not communicate with her as mature adults, and are unclean, unshaven, or not showered.  I highly recommend her to any real sub who is looking for the next step in their quest for submission to a real goddess.

SLAVE CHARLIE -  May 21st 2013

Mistress Susie, Where to begin.

I just want to thank you for such a wonderful time tonight. As a complete newbie I was nervous and had to literally make myself go to our scheduled appointment. You were warm, professional and truly love what you do. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience.  

I will defiantly be making this a regular thing.

SLAVE PETER - 03/30/13





The decision to attend Mistress Susie Sixx for a CP session was made by a Brief and friendly phone chat which had culminated from an e mail I sent after seeing Mistress Susie Sixx in a fetish club . And making inquires as to who she was.

Her establishment, in a upscale area of LA, is quiet and safe with ample street parking. I choose the side with the street sweeping, not on the day I was making my visit. Given a number to page from the legend I was hailed up and knocked on the appointed door.

Meeting Mistress Susie Sixx for the first time is an experience in itself confident, beautiful and very warm her greeting was open and cordial with an air of superiority that is subtle and attractive.

Dressed for Dominance in high heels and a stunning latex dress, My breath was taken away by the beautiful woman I stood before.

After a brief interview, and her discovery of my needs, I was ordered to strip. Mistress Susie then placed cuffs on my wrists, and led me to a spanking bench where I was secured. . At this point , of no return I felt ready for the upcoming corporal punishment and discipline.

Insisting that I refer to her a Governess, or Governess Sixx for the rest of the session,I was treated to Mistress Susie’s skills with paddles crops whips floggers and Canes. All of which left a lasting impressionon my rear end. Mistress Susie Sixx is in fact a true Domina and Disciplinarian who no nonsense attitude cemented by a wonderful English accent and stern manor when dealing with me.

There were times that took my breath away when I was told to count back from twenty as she dealt me some heavy swats with a paddle. Under the threat that if I miscounted that particular set would start all over again, I was mindful to keep perfect count, as difficult as it was. 

Whilst verbally it seems it was difficult to say exactly what I would like to achieve from the session, Mistress Susie Sixx took the basic information and created a wonderful session of pain and pleasure, I didn’t expect her to be quite so harsh on me in a first session, but she soon discovered that I was able to handle some pain she unleashed herself quite forcefully, causing me to really have to concentrate to manage and get through some heavy swats with her paddles and Canes.

This all seemed so natural for Mistress Susie. And so it was easy that I was taken into a space of submission and powerlessness. It wasn’t just a beating but a real sojourn into where I wanted to go.

At the end of the session Mistress Susie said that she had really enjoyed that session which made it even more pleasurable for me,

I will defiantly recommend Mistress Susie Sixx to Novice or experienced players, she has a wonderful personality, but don’t be fooled by the beautiful smile, amazing eyes and silk like hair,

Be careful what you wish for. My ass was bruised for a few days afterwards,

I look forward to further encounters with this amazing Mistress.

British CP Slave - January 11th 2013 POSTED ON MISTRESS REVIEW


I hadn't done a session in while and quite honestly had low expectations as I am pretty jaded. But was i needing to serve a Domme so I shopped the ads and related sites.

Several were intriguing but I finally made the decision based on what I gathered from Mistress Susie Sixx's sites.

After no hassle communication and arrangements, I entered her beautiful castle (her place is called The Castle and it really is one!) Mistress Susie is friendly and starts with an easy chat about the session. It's very comfortable and I found her to be very appealing. I've always had a thing for British women and associated kink with the English. Mistress Susie possesses a beautiful face and i was spiked with excitement to be kneeling before this smoldering British Bitch! She had obviously taken the time to read my email so the conversation had a good jump start.

The session revolved around humiliation with trampling, spitting, etc. The Mistress was 100 percent present and was generous with Her dominant energy. As first sessions go, it was as good as I've ever had -- exciting, satisfying and left me with a yearning to experience more intense cruelty at Her feet . I could tell She was holding back a little due to it being the first time but had no doubt she is a capable Cruel-ess .

We kept in touch by email and a week later I returned for a second session. Miss Susie had plans. She had a read into my perverted psyche and sliced into it like a surgeon. While delivering a series of sharp face slaps with her pretty feet... It was an amazing session.

Beatmeup September 10th 2012 POSTED ON MAXFISCH



After seeing Mistress Susie on Eros, I decided to arrange a session. My interests included feminization and slut training. We had a brief but descriptive call to arrange the time and I went to her place, which was easy to find, immaculate and well designed for all types of play.

I must say that Mistress Susie looks very much like the pictures on her site. What does not come across in the picture is how pretty her face is and how she has an extremely feminine and alluring presence, all in a very nice outfit. Needless to say, I was very pleased with her appearance.

To be honest, what I liked most about her is that she was very easy to talk with, listened to what my needs were very carefully and made me feel at ease as I shared my thoughts on an ideal session. She asked good questions and was extremely intuitive - I didn't have to do into a lot of detail for her to understand what I needed.

Fast forward to our session: she took my interests and developed a scenario where she allured me into doing things for her - first cross-dressing, and eventually turning me into her prostitute. She did this in a way that took me along a path, pushing my limits as we went, and capturing a fantasy I had better than I could have ever imagined. She new exactly what I wanted and did it perfectly.

What was additionally well done was her demeanor during the session. She kept things moving at the right pace, and I really felt she was into it, and wasn't just going through the motions. She is not a clock watcher at all - the time went by very fast and what I thought was about a half hour actually was over an hour - that's how well it went.

All I can say is that I look forward to doing more of these in the future.

After our session she had a very nice shower for me to clean up and I was on my way. Mistress Susie is a true professional. You really get the impression she cares about making sure you have a good experience, all while delivering on your requests exactly as requested. I look forward to seeing her again in the future and I can't stop thinking about the scenario she created for me - she helped make my fantasy a reality and did it perfectly.

Slave John - August 6, 2012



It was my first BDSM session ever, however I'd like to make a bold claim that Mistress (doctor in my case) Susie is simply the best. I don't need to see anyone else to compare. She could have easily been aprofessional psychologist or brilliant actress, but then (selfish thing to say) the world would lose a beautiful dominatrix.

Feeling anxious driving to the dungeon seems common - part of the experience. Though not a compliment to a lifestyle dominatrix, I felt 100% safe and comfortable - from the moment I looked at her website.

Make no mistake: friendly in real life, Dr. Sixx takes her work very seriously.

It is amazing how quickly three hours went by. Soft and caring, like a real medical professional, she expertly broke me before I even noticed it. We played a perverted medical/ABDL scenario - way outside of mainstream infantilist fantasies. I wanted to “relive” some embarrassing childhood “memories” - that is all I am going to say; blushing typing this. Which was the goal. The mission was a success - minus my (truly involuntary) potty training mishaps.

Dr. Sixx looked stunning in her white lab coat. Everything: the looks, tone, and touch reminded me of my childhood pediatricians and nurses. Maybe it's first timer's experience, but I cannot describe that liberating transformation other than magic.

I have big plans for our next session. Not as much physical (already got more than I bargained for incontinence-wise), as elaborate psychological play. Kink is truly Mistress Susie's specialty. The only regret I have is I haven't found her earlier.

Love my beautiful “pediatrician”,

Little Alex    8/6/2012  POSTED ON MISTRESS REVIEW


It has been over a month since I saw her. Mistress Susie...what an experience! It was late June of this year. A nice hot day in Los Angeles. We booked a two hour appointment at her incall near downtown LA. Driving to her location was making me nervous with each passing mile. I got there a little early which only made my sweating hands and palpitations worse. I could hear her alluring voice resonating in my head. 

When the call came for me to come up, I raced to her door. The sound of her heels summoned me to enter. We planned a role play scenario where I was a neighbor coming to borrow some sugar who over the past few weeks, has been making inappropriate gestures and stares at her beautiful legs and feet. After "picking up my sugar", she questioned my stares and I admit that I have a huge heel and foot fetish. Threatening to tell my wife, she demanded me to kneel before her and worship her heels. 

Using her plethora of equipment, immaculate blend of cruelity and constant command of the session, every fantasy I expressed came true! Hands down the best session I have had in some time and arguably the best in Los Angeles! 

We are planning our second and third sessions now! 

Thanks Mistress Susie!

Foot Slave Keith7/28/12


I visited Mistress Susie Sixx recently. She is a gorgeous lady with an English accent who can really get into that stern teacher role that I crave! And her ability to judge your tolerance is exceptional. 

She used some mean paddles on me but knew when to hold back. This Mistress started the session from the very second I entered her playspace, so the session was very authentic. 

She is a great actress and portrays that stern disciplinarian extremely well. A true devilish delight in the form of a woman.

CP Slave 7/26/2012


I just visited Mistress Susie Sixx....she's a beautiful as her pictures..even better...

She's an expert with cane , paddle or strap....my cheeks have the marks to prove it Mistress is also very sensual and can inspire a sub to push limits beyond what i ever thought i could take.

Her play space was spotless and her equipment immaculate and Mistress has a huge inventory of straps ,paddles and canes.

She's a lifestyler...not a wanna be like so many other of the imposters out there.

Her sessions are not rushed and she's friendly after the session.

I'll be seeing her again soon with my girlfriend in tow!!!!!



After s eeing Mistress Susie's advertisements on the internet for sometime I finally called for a session. 

Upon meeting her in-person for the first time I discovered her photos do not do her justice as she is even more lovely than any photograph. After talking about what the session would entail I found her intuitive, excellent, and someone that genuinely enjoys what she does.

If your interests are aligned with her specialties, I recommend a session with her. I know I am looking forward to my next session.

Slave M        4/11/2011